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Situated South of Beaudesert is the Lost World Valley, known for it's rolling hillsides and large farming plains. Located 1 Hour 30 Minutes from the Brisbane CBD and 1 Hour 15 Minutes from the Village Roadshow Studios at Oxenford on the Gold Coast, is the Ladybrook Farm, on which farmstay Stay At Kirro is housed.

Ladybrook is no exception to the region's nickname, the 'Scenic Rim', as our 2600 acre active beef cattle property features many iconic landmarks and features, suitable for Film and TV productions alike.  Additional to the Kirro homestead, which is available for both accommodation and media, we have several kilometers of the free-flowing 'Albert river', fed from the Gold Coast hinterland. Our property shares our borders to the north with the iconic Lamington National Park, The rainforest canopy and foliage extends onto, and is also accessible from Ladybrook. Furthermore, our property boundaries are defined by readily accessible mountain ranges, similar to those made famous by Jurassic Park at Kualoa Ranch on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Oahu. There are also several acres of manicured pasture land, kept lush and green all year round by manual irrigation.

For all Film and TV production enquiries, please contact: Matt on +61.408743345 or fill out the form below and we'll contact you;

Film at Ladybrook

The River and Creek beds are lined with a combination of dark soil/sand and river rocks of various size, in some places the river regions are deep enough to swim in, 5-6 feet of depth, and there are several places for vehicles to cross, where average water depth is only between 1-2 feet of depth. 

Trees are large and sturdy, with some mature trees being over 100 years old, many varieties of native trees grow here, but there are also less-common varieties such as Pine, Fig and Cedar.  Fallen trees and large rocks create interesting features around the property, there is also an old abandoned air strip at the northern end of the property.

On the mountain ranges there are several cliff faces which overlook the entire property and north towards Beaudesert, walking tracks extend out to some via a short walk from 4 Wheel drive accessible tracks, others require a longer trek, though we look to add additional 4 wheel drive ready tracks in the future. There is a large cave also on the property, though at the moment it is only accessible by foot, however it is only some hundred meters from the vehicle track.

Accommodation options nearby include many of the local self-contained 'Farm-Stay' style properties such as Kirro, there is also the option of the recently renovated Ramada Resort, in the Kooralbyn Valley, located 30 minutes away to the west.

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